Dodge ChallengerNew redesigned Dodge Challenger 2015 scat pack. Let's check it out let's check out all the new features. Alright so today we're gonna compare the 14 with the 2015 as you can see obviously from 2009 to the present hasn't really changed much. But the all new 2015 we went ahead and added the HID lights. The 2 front snorkels and it is you can see the whole hood is completely redesigned. Alright so here we are underneath the hood on a 2014 Challenger RT as you can see it's got the 5.7 liter V8 but on 2000 fifteens, we went ahead and added some little special we had in the 6.4 liter V8 SRT engine.

It's on the 6.4 liter we're gonna get 485 horsepower and 475 pounds feet of torque. Alright so here we are in the back of the car is here we have the 2014 and the 15 so we're incompatible but you see on the 2014 it's got the solid tail and all the way across here on the 2 guns 15 we went wretch or 171 to give you the dual LED taillights (more info I wanted to point out a couple little extra goodies on the back here are so we have a backup camera. Backup sensors L man they exhaust sound sweet to. Alright so here we are inside the home you 2015. Dodge challenger wild and that's all I can say this thing is amazing the whole new redesign you mean the large a point for screen obviously a 6 speed manual transmission. 6.4 liter I mean what else do you need I mean this thing is amazing.

I mean its smooth shifting. And it's really responsive amino fourth gear just Cruisin you know so here we are in the interior of the 2014 has exceeded its pretty plain and even some major updates let's go check out the all new 2015 interior. As we can see obvious he had some real soft materials everything's real plush on new steering wheel check out the dash you get the full 8.4 screen again going back with the retro styling. Check it out you got to a 0.4 screen obviously with your navigation and media controls are you know you got the old school dials appear you can see your speed restaurant that you could change all the screen set up on the same thing with the steering wheel or see you have your long controls in the back. The whole menu display here voice command Bluetooth cruise control and they have these buttons appear set up for your technology group for adaptive cruise control are anyways we go down here on the center console. See you got your spore.

Super trac pac traction control Parkinson service is obviously your EC we also controlling your you connect a 0.4 alright so let's check out the sui 6 speed tremec transmission. Alright so here we are in the back of the all new 2015 challenger Scott pack as you can see it's got plenty of room not only is it is vehicle good for hauling but you can call your whole family behind you giving you the thumbs up. Alright guys thanks for checking out the all new 2015 Dodge challenger scat pack stay tuned for further reviews and check us out at 39639 Valentine drive in Newark California look for senior.

Time you're passionate about the car you drive welcome to the only 2016 Nissan Rogue. There is how you everything you need to know what it in terms of technology safety performance and its brand new or redesigned exterior so let's get to it. My headlights although in the tail lights the road has a super sexy look and the angled front headlights give it high and touch making it look really classy the spoiler on the back and the roof rails that rolled along the contraband it looked really sporty and those 18 inch wheels make it look aggressive and capable of anything you're gonna handle up there on city streets not to mention the side mirrors have signal lights embedded right into them so provided that you use them everyone's gonna see exactly where you're going and you'll be safe on the road the Nissan Rogue.

2016 Nissan RogueAlso features a wide opening rear doors they swing open 80 degrees so whatever it is you're hauling in there whether it's kids the groceries kayaks the road can handle and it also has a power liftgate can be activated by your list but your knees on intelligent key or a switch located by the driver here's a crazy thoughts what if you could get great fuel economy, a great flashy ride and it's fun to drive the Nissan rogue actually got their thanks in part to fantastic aerodynamics a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and a virtually gearless extra exceed the team. You'll be getting a. No small Lowers 2016  broke all  Just Let's talk. You're the most In media All wheel drive 2016 Stir it in a Snow or rain, To the road and Power to Harsh weather can. Still gonna pay. The road. 26 the Nissan rogue is an. I ate just tops. Basically the highest on. You and your Safe on the roads. It's all thanks to Safety shield block. Which basically means that you're protected and shielded at every angle. Which includes 6 standard airbags to keep you safe should you ever be an act. Next we have the tire pressure monitoring since.

When the tears are a little low on icon will illuminate on your. To let you know that you need to fill up. Then the easy fill tire alert will give you a friendly hug a horse lets you know that you got the right tire pressure. This next feature is really cool forward emergency braking. It uses a radar technology to sense other vehicles on the road and they're part. Then it sends you audio and visual cues to let you know if you need to break or slow down. You can also apply brakes to help you avoid getting into a collision. If a collision is unavoidable this feature will engage in to help reduce the speed of impact and the severity of the English. The 2060 Nissan rogue has a blind spot warning which helps detective there's anything in your blind spot. Around the wonder and moving object. And lets you know if there's another vehicle or a moving object in your. And when you're in reverse and the rear view monitor helps make. It up and parking and how much. Not only does the rope deliver vesting. Headroom but if. There are just. Nissan's actually branded them as 0 gravity.

Because they were designed in a way it was. Which means they basically create the ideal posture and you're not going to. Tired of the long. Combine that with tasteful touches like LED interior lights - Good, and Nissan Rogue led headlights. Whether see. And you've got yourself a really relaxed. Skill right on your. The best interior feature is probably need some. Well I. Basically it turns the road into your. It seems like. Smartphone into the 7 inch. How it had. So no more separation anxiety from your bone as. You can get trip advisor tips check Facebook events to read suites. Whatever it is that you need to. All. He's unconnected also gives you incredible piece of. It watches out for you if you. It's like automatic collision notification. And emergency. Can't find your. The parking lot. No worries use your computer or smart. The lights Warhawk, Remote lock and unlock. Easy access even without.

If you're traveling in. Covered with journey. And you can constantly stay in the know about your vehicle's location. The valet boundary and. But it. And your or your car it's also. All in all the 2016 and Nissan rogue is a great option. Have small SUV. If more than hold its own against Toyotas rapport as to 5 and Honda CRV. A great family rise it's easy. 7 people is comfortable looks luxurious and starts at a very affordable price point. If you like our Nissan rogue walkaround make sure to subscribe to our channel see more great vehicle speech. If you have any comments or questions. About this one let us know in the comments down below.

He doesn't want to make a quick tutorial on how easy it is to install an HID Headlights kit on your car Tomek basically is simple as installing Headlights. A light bulb product standard car light bulb so you don't need to go on Craigslist and find some random person to do it for you he don't need to pay anyone to do it. It's really easy arm and in this video on special head up crap everything on the because the actual installation it's really car specific. How you access to reliable I make another video on how to install it in a 2004 Honda civic E acts harm but again that's.

Just to show where engine components need to be moved but here we go here's what we got we have are the last. Our slumber wrasse water proof we have our on each Aidid molds. Right here to Sam HID Headlights kits will include best this is a relay harness, you don't necessarily need to use that at all depending, on what your car and then also some moron caps for the relay harness. Go to site, more info Tom and you also might have some double stick tape on which the double stick tape will go right behind here or on. Last year and not somewhere in your car. You can use these drill mounts intro it somewhere but I don't see the purpose of that you want something that's easily removable and those double stick tape for someone like it's also include.

Best for wiring systems at the time. So prepping it let's see not. She just basically you take one of your last like this. And you take one of your poems it's very important just keep the ball in its case alive and have plastic hard cases this one didn't on. But here's what you do. Yeah I hope this. Pregnant here. Until it clicks like that. Same printing for the other side. Lots cooked up and ready to go. Home. That's so that's all you want to do now. This cable plugs into your factory right below. And this is the new Braunfels go inside your car but there is a difference at these.

In that room there orbit around here a lot of times and then felt so. Sometimes depending what car you have. Don't try and shove it in there too hard or you're gonna break this class because it once it doesn't fit in your car. Don't real soft on But so you're ready to go really harnesses like I said earlier different thing. You don't really easy but you don't necessarily need to install Headlights them basically very used if you don't have enough voltage. To ignite Yuri try Dee's star runs off the car battery. So like I said I am not so you must exercise to experience problems with their faults on and then just did the same exact thing for the other side in all good.

toyota pradoThe history of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado began in 1985 with a model of Land Cruiser 70, which was equipped with 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine capacity of 85 horsepower.

The development got its name only in 1990 after the updates of 70 series. New Prado of 71 series got 3 rows of seats, accommodating 8 people. The car was produced until 1996, after which it was replaced by Land Cruiser Prado 90. The car was created in opposed to popular Mitshubishi Pajero.

A new model was produced in two versions: a long five-door wheelbase and a shortened three-door one with 2007 Tacoma headlights. One of the features of the car was all-wheel drive with independent front suspension. In the end, Prado overtook the Pajero terms of sales and in 1997 received a new configuration with an engine capacity of 150 horsepower.

After 2 years, the company has restyled the car, redoing the front part of the body, and replacing the dashboard. Over the next 3 years Prado were improved and equipped with new power trains. In 2002 at the Paris motor show there was presented the third generation of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, developed by Toyota – ED2 European design Studio.

JACJAC booth at the auto show in Beijing has demonstrated a clear emphasis on the development of the brand crossover lineup. Presentation of the concept JAC SC-5, which is designed to showcase new design direction of the brand crossovers.

Conceptual JAC SC-5 was on the LED-optics elements such, combined chrome strip on the entire width of the car, as well as light-alloy wheels measuring 21 inches. According to rumors, the serial coupe will be powered sesquilinear and two-liter petrol turbo engine with the production of JAC 150-200-strong impact. In the future, it is expected to see version JAC SC-5 with a hybrid and all-electric system - quite in the spirit of the times.

Incidentally, the new models of JAC brand have new logo, which is inscribed letters of the name of the brand in the oval.

Today, JAC brand in its model range has 4 representative SUV segment - S2, S3, S5 and iEV6S - electric.

Mercedes amgMercedes CLS 63 AMG with excellent technical parameters, successfully combines exemplary efficiency and unique design. Under the hood of the updated 4-door coupe there is 2-turbocharged eight-cylinder engine capable of developing 557 hp and 800 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is at almost 32% less compared to earlier versions - 9.9 l / 100 km. in a new car.

The work of German engineers gave a perfect combination of the renewed system of electromechanical sports steering, sport suspension with adjustable levels of stiffness and modern braking systems, on which composite ceramic mechanisms are set in the form of an option.

Externally, the new Mercedes CLS 63 AMG stands by the original design of interior and exterior, as well as athletic proportions. The front lights of the car are made on the basis of light-emitting diodes and are included in the basic package.